How long do they last?

The length of time a prosthesis will last depends on 2 things. 

The first of these is fit. The prosthetic socket is the custom made portion of the device that fits  directly onto the residual limb. Every body changes in shape and volume over time. When the prosthetic socket no longer fits well, problems such as skin breakdown and loss of control of the device will result. 

When the prosthetic socket does not fit any longer, it must be replaced. It is sometimes possible to extend the life of the socket by adding liners to take up space.

The second reason to replace a device is component failure. Prostheses are mechanical devices and like all others, will not last forever. Generally speaking, most components have a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Based on our experience, on average, a prosthesis will need to be replaced every 3 or 4 years.